Popolo June 2013 Iwahashi Genki


Q1: Tell us your "My Boom"
I'm making my room into a fantasy-like atmosphere. I bought curtains and a bed cover with characters on them. I'm looking for small objects to put around my room. I'm really happy I like it so much that even more clothes have characters on them.

Q2: Do you have a skill or hobby?
It's baseball. I'm really into batting centers now. I hit the ball hard enough to get a homerun and I got a trophy. I have to practice until the Johnny's Baseball Tournament!

Q3: What do you always say? (a favorite phrase)
Saying 'wa~i' is really popular with the Jrs now. This is actually an impersonation of our dance teacher (laugh). I accidentally did it in front of the adults and broke into cold sweat… But luckily no one noticed (laugh).

Q4: Do you have any pets?
I have a mixed dog named Rookie and a Yorkshire terrier named Cinnamon. If I hug them really tight I feel healed! But I'm the only one in the family that isn't allowed to take them on a walk! I don't get it! Am I not trusted?! (laugh)

Q5: An event showing how your family gets along.
My parents came to a concert. Even more, I heard my younger sister came, too, but after 1 month passed she told me the truth. I told her "that's not something to hide, right?" (laugh).

Q6: If the type of girl you like were an animal?
Probably a dog. Like a golden retriever, she'd be good at athletics and become emotionally attached. I really can't do anything, so if she isn't dependable, horrible things could happen!! (laugh)

Q7: Where do you want to go for a Spring date?
Get in a convertible car in America on the coast and whiz around. There's a sense of freedom and I want to feel the warm weather. I don't have a license so it's all just my imagination!

LOVE Q: When you think "Anniversary of love" what comes to mind?
Oh! Leave the wild ideas to me!
How about "The anniversary of when I first cook dinner"? I'm not good at cooking, but I'd have her sit down and I'd do my best! I'd make the table like a restaurant's and we'd have a date at home.

I'll be your Golden Retriever!! hehe ^^
I wonder what Genki would cook? Something with Tako(octopus)? XP

POTATO April 2013 Matsuda Genta

scan 3

Recently I've enjoyed going to stores that sell small American objects. That's why if I were to travel, I'd want to go to America and check out their shops. I also want to watch their entertainment TV shows, so I would like to go to Las Vegas. The trip that has left an impression on me was the trip I took with my family to Hawaii. I really enjoyed the show when sea turtles came when a trumpet sounded (laugh). I also had fun going mountain climbing in Elementary school! We barely made it to the top because it was exhausting, but once we got there, the view was beautiful, the air was fresh, and it felt great! If I were to time travel, I'd want to go back to when Yamada (Ryosuke)-kun was in Middle school and see what kind of dance he was doing and learn from it!

Genta really likes Yama-chan~
Genta and Genki are both into the American goods and trinkets. ^_^

POTATO October 2013 Iwahashi Genki

scan 2

I was able to take a lot of pictures of Kishi-kun's expressions today. Refreshing, stupid, the sad puppy dog look… and a bunch of other variations! Just like a former-baseball player, I drew a cap, bat, and ball. I got obsessive with the drawing. I've always liked photography. I have an interest in art, so my grandfather bought me a professional camera for my birthday in 6th grade. I taught myself how to use it, and I took pictures at baseball games or the trees outside my house. I also like filming videos, putting clips together, and then adding sound to it. When I immerse myself in it, I can do it for 2 hours straight. I'd like to film a movie sometime~
Recently, when Kishi-kun's sleeping, he'll say "Ne, do 'tonton.'" When mothers put their children to sleep they usually do 'tonton' right? Unless I do that he won't fall asleep. He's older than me, but that's so child-like and cute~ (laugh).
For this year's summer vacation, I went to the beach and theme park with my family, and I've been studying so I'm busy. I also have an English test right when vacation ends, so I've been desperately trying to memorize English vocabulary everyday.

*tonton is the sound of tapping or patting

Omg that's adorable. Genki has to be with Kishi to put him to sleep~ LOL Kishi has a cool character on TV but is really childish. ^^

POTATO April 2013 Iwahashi Genki


I went to a café by myself that Miyadate (Ryota)-kun told me about. It's in a narrow alleyway, like a hidden house. The iced cocoa (probably like an iced hot chocolate or something) is really delicious! When I go to the café, when my stomach isn't well, I get a hot chocolate. When I'm feeling great, I get an iced cocoa or iced café late. I usually order from those three.
Recently I've been having a lot of fun going shopping. Sneakers, hoodies, accessories… I sometimes buy things impulsively, but I like everything. I watched the movie "Les Miserables" and was really moved. There were roles that I thought I'd like to try sometime, and it was really impressive.
In the new drama "Kasuka na Kanojo" starring Katori Shingo-san, it's been decided that I'll be playing a 9th grader in the drama. I've always had an interest in acting so I was so happy. I may have gotten one step closer to Ikuta Toma, whom I look up to. I'm worried whether I can do it well, but I'll go at it with all I've got, so please watch for that!

Myojo November 2013 Iwahashi Genki

Scan 1

Iwahashi Genki as the Refreshing Senpai

I want to be told by a Kouhai that I'm the ideal Senpai!
• The truth is that if it's a Kouhai, I won't really look like a Senpai. A while ago there was a Jr. audition and I taught them the dance steps. During the break times, some kids that came for the audition asked me, "Ne, do you want to be a Jr.?" and when I responded, "Yeah. I want to be one~" I was told, "Then let's do our best together!" (laugh). I was obviously wearing different clothes than the other kids, and I was even teaching them the dance! It was a real shock…
• When I was in Middle school, there was a Senpai that I looked up to. He was really cool, he was a pitcher, so he was the ideal Senpai to everyone that saw him. I thought it must be nice to be a popular Senpai. To do that, I normally don't do anything consciously, but for this photo shoot as the refreshing Senpai, I wonder if anyone will become my fan~?
• My ideal love situation is finishing club activities with a Senpai. For example, if I'm in the boy's basketball club, then she's in the girl's basketball club. I'd get into her field of vision everyday and practice on my own, and try to appeal to her. If she told me "You're really good at basketball, I'm always watching!" I'd be so happy!

Genki definitely has a young face! I can't believe a kid who went to audition thought Genki was auditioning with them! LOL

Yasui Kentaro November 2012 DUET


[Clothing] I want to go shopping! I want a long plaid shirt~. Though I say that, this year's Autumn has been completely the casual American style, so I'm thinking of changing to a more adult like fashion. Though I look like this, I am 21 years old. I'm a splendid adult (laugh). T-shirts and denim, and having the basic boots, I normally match it with flannel shirts, but now I wear a loose knit cardigan. When I put on a silver accessory it's perfect!

[Food]   Autumn food is definitely *sanma! The main point is putting a large amount of grated *daikon on top. I like grated daikon, green onions, and those simple flavors. There's a ramen shop near my house, and I always order green onion ramen. I put so much of the white part of the green onion on top that you can't even see the noodles! Then, I put vinegar in! Yeah, I also really like vinegar. It's best to put enough to make the ramen soup look white. I also really like spicy foods, but the leader of extremely spicy foods is Takada Sho (laugh).

[Living]   I got rid of the shelves I used since I was a kid, and I made new shelves myself. I bought bricks from the hardware store and made it the 'legs' on the left and right side. Then, I put a plank over. Then, again the bricks and another plank… that's how I made my shelves. It looks like one at a clothing store. At the very top I have my accessory box, the middle has my caps, and the bottom has my figures on display. I have a lot of confidence in this piece I made, but only my parents have seen it (cry). Someone come over to play!

[Day]    In the stage play "Shonentachi," I got close with the Kansai Jrs. The person I got closest to is Kotaki (Nozomu). In the wings of the stage waiting on standby, we talked to each other a lot. I asked how old he was and I was so shocked, I said "Eh, Osugi, you're 16!?" but even he was shocked and said, "Eh, Yasui-kun, you're 21!?" The two of us were so shocked (laughed). When he's with other Kansai members, he seems to have the 'tsukkomi' role, but he's a 'boke' character with me, it's cute

*sanma is a type of fish
*daikon = radish

It's so cool how he actually made his own shelves!
I, too, can't believe he's 21… x.x He's just too cute to be 21!!
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Thanks for reading <3

Morimoto Shintaro Wink Up May 2013


What type of people are Shintaro’s fans?

Their personalities are on the uchiwa. Before, there was an uchiwa with “Your fly is down!” and I got worried and looked down, but it was closed properly (laugh). But on a different day, my fly really was down. I gave a “thank you so much” reaction to her (laugh). The request that troubles me is the normal ‘flying kiss.’ I can’t really do it well. If the people in the audience look at me with a “what the heck is he doing?” expression I’d be so embarrassed (laugh). I’m that type of person, so today’s photo shoot was hard with the ‘acting cool’ poses. I couldn’t think of a good pose. I watched Jesse do it first, and was laughing so hard! When I did that, the staff people told me “What are you laughing for? You’ll be doing the same thing!” and I got really worried (laugh).

Was there a time when you got entangled with a fan letter?

When I read a fan letter, they write “I’ll always be supporting you!!” and at the end of the sentence they put the ‘laugh’ symbol. I think, “Eh? Is that really necessary here?” (laugh). But although I say that, when I signed my friend’s year book, I realized I use a lot of the ‘laugh’ symbols (laugh).

Is there someone Shintaro wants to write a fan letter to?

Kimura Takuya! I want to tell him, “In the Morimoto house, when Kimura comes on TV, everyone says, “He’s so cool!”

Your current state?

By the time this magazine gets published, it’ll be over already, but the graduation ceremony for Middle school is soon. I’ve already prepared myself to cry (laugh). Everyone in my class got excited and said ‘let’s all go to karaoke after the ceremony’ but when I go with friends, they always request that I sing “Snow Prince” (laugh). I normally hit them saying “I can’t sing that high anymore!” I don’t think they’ll let me pass on that day though (laugh). If it’s back dancing for JUMP’s songs, I’ll totally do it though (laugh).

Thanks for reading!! :D
Hot Shintaro is hot. <3 LOL

Miyachika Kaito Duet September 2013


Miyachika Kaito

“The way to enjoy a festival is… seeing how things change as you get older.” I realized that. Before, I would always play Kujihiki (lottery), Wanage (ring toss), Shateki (rifle range), Katanuki (die cutting), but recently I enjoy the food more. When I was young I really loved playing ____ (sorry, I can’t read the kanji, but it’s probably a certain game or food at a festival) and I used to not care about the Yakisoba at all. Now, I go around tasting the different Yakisoba from the different sellers. First, I walk around and look at everything, and then I eat the first thing that catches my eye. Then, my mom or friends would say “that place was yummy!” and I go eat there, too. That’s why even if I go to the festival just once, I eat at least two servings of Yakisoba. Also, I’d like a festival with a lot of different Yakisoba sellers. (This last line I couldn’t read the kanji so I guessed, sorry! >.<”)

If I were to go on a Summer festival date, I would want the girl to come in a Yukata. I’m sure *Geta are hard to walk in, so even if I’m constantly nervous and can’t get up the courage, just for that time I want to hold her hand. If I do that, I’ll be so happy just walking with her. First I would buy Anzu-candy or one chocolate banana. I’d win Jan-Ken-Pon with the seller and get one more! I’ll show off my strength at winning, and then we’ll head to the ring toss. I’ll put the last ring around my girlfriend’s neck and say, in a ‘dandy’ way, “I’ll never let you go.” I wonder if she’ll go ‘kyun’ from that? (laugh)

I went to see a movie with my friend yesterday, and we had some time so we had a bowling battle. I was losing until the last frame, but at the end, I had 3 strikes, a turkey, and made a comeback victory! That felt great~

*Geta are traditional hard wooden slippers. Look up a picture to see! ^_^

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Kansai Jr. Wink Up August


Kansai Jr. Wink Up August 2013

Nishihata Daigo

Recently I’ve realized that Ren (Nagase) is really doesn’t like being alone. A little while ago, I was on a bullet train for a transfer and sat in a two-person seat. Ren was sitting in the 3-person seat that was across the isle from me. I was talking to Sho (Hirano) and suddenly he came trotting over and I thought “Oh, what’s wrong?” and he sat right in the middle! No, no, no, isn’t that overdoing it? “Just how much does he love us…” is what I thought (laugh). Something new I found out about Onishi (Ryusei)… well, I actually just reconfirmed, but he loves trains. There are times we transfer trains, you know? When we do that he says “That’s _____! Oh, that’s _____ type’s ______!” and tells me all about trains. He also knows a lot about the train lines. I don’t really know how to transfer trains so when I’m worried about it he tells me “If you go this way you’ll get home” and takes me to the train station. I’m a High school student being saved by an Elementary school student; what’s with that? (laugh)

Nagase Ren

I observe Daigo a lot, but he’s the type of person that it’s hard to find out something new about him (laugh). He really likes me. In a questionnaire, his answer to “A Jr. you get along with” is always me. Ah, maybe it’s actually me that likes him? Well, that’s true, too (laugh). We auditioned on the same day, we’re always together for Jr. work, and there’s nothing I don’t like about him. He does sometimes say some harsh things, though. (He’s kind of saying this to Daigo) Can’t you process some nicer things to say to me!? (laugh)  Also, recently Onishi has been getting more stylish! He’s only in 6th grade, but he’s wearing bracelets and necklaces! For me, I’ve only just begun to find interest in those things. But, when I talk to him he’s still a 6th grade boy so that put my mind at ease (laugh). But if this keeps going, in 7th grade he might become one of those kids that walk around with a wallet chain and long wallet! (laugh)

Onishi Ryusei

For the national tour I went to Ishikawa Kouen for the first time. I couldn’t go to the Hiroshima and Sapporo performances, so until then, I didn’t know what songs I would go out for or what I’d dance! Nagase taught me the dance moves on the train while going to Ishikawa. We can’t dance by the seats, so we did it in the aisle. He really taught me a lot. I was really happy. But I was only happy during those moments (laugh). The normal Nagase isn’t a *tsundere but a tsuntsundere (laugh)! Onishi is… right! During the Nagoya performance we all ate miso-katsu. And then, he didn’t put any miso on it, and just ate it with the sauce! There was both miso and sauce, but he ate it with the sauce! To eat miso-katsu with only the sauce, it’s a waste. It was so yummy (with the miso)~. That’s just normal *kushi-katsu. From now, I still have the Miyagi, Tokushima, and Tokyo performances! I want to eat Miyagi’s cow tongue!

*tsundere = hot-cold personality. When he says tsuntsundere he’s just emphasizing that Nagase is VERY tsundere. Lol

* kushi-katsu = katsu on a skewer

Picture of Ryusei on bottom right

Q: How do you want to be awoken by your girlfriend?
A: I want her to do a countdown! I think I’d be able to get up really quickly if she said “10, 9, 8…”